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Sister seduces her brother.

Smashing Thumbs
Last Saturday night after our shifts finished Dwain, my boyfriend gave me a lift home from Burger King where we both worked. As I often did I invited him in for coffee. We then went into the granny flat that I rented from my parents. It was my idea to rent it, or they would never have been able to buy the house in the first place. Dwain seated himself on the unmade-up sofa bed while I put the kettle on and made both of us a cup of brandy coffee.

No sooner had I sat down beside him than he began running his hand up my thigh. I was randy and my pussy had been running in anticipation since we left work, eventually his fingers reached my damp blue panties. Running his hand over the crutch of my panties, I laid back on the bed, spreading my legs further apart.

He slid his hand inside and began to caress my wet slit, my clitoris began burning with desire for his cock. I lifted my ass of the bed so he could take off my panties. I could see his cock straining against the material of his trousers as he probed my cunt. I pulled down his trousers and could see his cock was stiff.

I took hold of his tool in my left hand and began to slowly rub him off. His purple glans shining and throbbing, I turned onto my stomach resting over his hairy legs, flicking my long blond hair over my left shoulder I took hold of his cock and placed the whole length deep inside my mouth.

Slowly I began to bob my head up and down. The pulsating throbs of his cock twitching in my mouth told me he was about to cum at any moment. I took his wet, shiny cock out of my mouth, pulling my panties down I sat on his cock taking his full length now inside my sticky cunt.

It wasn’t until my brother opened the door that I realised we were no longer alone. There was an angry look on Dwain’s face when he turned and saw Jerry standing inside the doorway. I jumped of Dwain’s tool trying to hide my sex but it was too late, Jerry had already seen my dark brown pubes.

“Fuck you and fuck your family.” Dwaine said as he pulled up his briefs and trousers storming out the back door. As I tidied up my room, Jerry remained standing in the doorway. “I didn’t think anyone was in.,” he said. “But you didn’t have to check my flat did you!” I said angrily. My mug shattered when I threw it at him, I cursed at least I deserved the satisfaction of hitting him. “You’ve just ruined my sex life, now you’ve just made me break my best mug, clean it up while I take a shower.”

Washing my hair then soaping my tits and cunt, I unhooked the showerhead and sprayed the water up between my legs. The warmth of the water, felt like a thousand creatures slowly crawling down my legs: but these creatures were not frightening but pleasant. My clitoris was beginning to throb and my knees began to feel weak I pressed my body against the cold tiles and was now gagging for cock.

It was then that I had the thought my brother was a man and after all he had ruined my evening with Dwaine. Did he not owe me the sexual pleasure I was craving. My god, this was my brother I was lusting after, I tried telling myself that it wasn’t right but the thought would not go away.

Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was Jerry’s naked body. I slipped my hand between my legs and began fingering my cunt. The pad of my thumb circulating my clit as I rubbed myself, I thought about how to get Jerry to bed. I recalled how only a few months ago I had laughed when he said that he had wanted to fuck me.

I began to wonder whether he was joking or not, I knew it was wrong but I was now hoping he had meant it as the temptation had become too great. In the back of my head there was still a niggling voice, but it grew fainter as I got hornier and hornier for cock.

Who else could I turn to, to satisfy my need but my brother Jerry? It wasn’t as if anyone would know if we had sex, it would be our secret. After all our parents were away on holiday. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself down. I threw my white dressing gown into the shower, it was soaked I could not wear it – the dye was cast.

I skipped into the room and gave a theatrical twirl. “What do you think of my body?” I asked Jerry. “You look great, sis.” Came his reply “Do you think my breasts are too big.” I said cupping them in each hand. “No they’re perfect.” He answered, “They’re absolutely kissable.”

“So why don’t you come over here and kiss them.” I replied. And with that he took slow steps towards me and gently began butterfly kissing my breasts. I felt a tingling sensation down my spine, as he journeyed his hand down over my belly and to my cunt. The tickling sensation as my brother began to finger my gapping hole.

My cunt started gushing like a geyser down his fingers. I unclasped his trousers and slipped my hand inside his briefs, his cock was erect. I moved forwards causing Jerry to go backwards onto the bed. He took off his t-shirt, immediately I slithered down between his legs, my brother’s cock now in my mouth. I began slowly circulating my tongue around his helmet. “Well this is what you want isn’t it?” I said looking up at him. “You know it is.” He stammered back. And with that, I continued to bob my head up and down his throbbing cock.

I ran my long nails down his chest as I sucked furiously on his thick cock. He was screaming in ecstasy, I came up for air.

“Are you on the pill sis?”

Jerry’s question brought me down to earth, pregnancy was not on my agenda and pregnancy caused by my brother was a definite no, no! “No I’m not.”

“Have you got a rubber?”

“Haven’t you?”

“No I used the last of mine with Debby last night.”

I did not want to hear about his exploits with that little tart. “Ok Ok so I guess there’s only one way.” I said to him. “You brother dear get to be the guy who takes my final virginity.” Jerry the dumb mutt looked somewhat puzzled so I spelt it out in simple words. “You get to fuck my ass, a place no guy has been before.”

I was now on my hands and knees waiting for my only brother to fuck my asshole. I told Jerry that there was a tube of K.Y. jelly in the bedside cabinet. He put a blob on his finger and applied it with a circular movement inside and around my anus.

The movement of his finger had me screaming for him to fuck me. He placed the tip of his cock against my hole. I could feel the tip of his cock slivering against my lubricated ass, butting blindly against my tight entrance. I pushed back against him at first nothing seemed to happen, then my ring gave and his cock-head was lodged in me. I pushed back he thrust and I felt my tight anus snap shut as the head entered me. One firm thrust and his thighs were against my buttocks, his cock had driven right into me.

He began to move gently at first, faster as I responded. He moved his hands from my hips bringing them round in front of me, he began to gently knead my Mons. Suddenly I was cumming, torrents of warm wetness flowed from some hidden hot-spring secreted deep within my abdomen and I was on fire. I was so wet I could have sworn that not only was I cumming from my pussy but also that there was some uncharted and hitherto unknown source of cum deep in my bowels.

I felt as if my asshole had been forced apart by a machine as he shoved his cock deeper inside my tight hole. I thought that I was being split in two as he banged his cock deeper into me. Grabbing hold of my breasts he groped my nipples, it felt like a hundred butterflies were flying around my womb.

My cunt began to twitch as he thrust his full length up me, his hot-heavy balls were slapping against my labia. I was cumming as his grip tightened on my Mons. His cock twitched then slammed into me. I felt hot sticky jets of spunk splattering into my bowels.

He was holding me; I didn’t want him to let go. I could feel his spunk swimming around inside me as he emptied the last of his wad, his cock began to soften, I just wanted him to stay there. “Jerry, I think we should go flat hunting tomorrow!”